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June Issue

Changes to Scantron Exam Results

2014 Summer Teaching Institute

Are You New at UT?

SPSS 22 New Features

Online Instructor Toolkit

OIT Workshops

Missing Data?

Changes to Scantron Exam Score Results

To increase security and FERPA compliance, scanned exam scores will be distributed via Blackboard instead of email.

To retrieve your Scantron results through Blackboard:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your UTK NetID and password.
  3. Click the Scantron Results link in the “My Organizations” box in the right margin.
  4. Click “Inbox”.
  5. Click the message with “Scan Results” in the subject.

You will be automatically added to the Scantron Results organization when the Scantron Administrator creates and sends your first set of results.

Individual student sheets will be provided to all UTK Scantron customers at no additional charge.

For questions, contact the HelpDesk at 974-9900.

Are You New at UT?

During the summer, thousands of new students, faculty, and staff arrive on campus. Because of this, OIT designed a website that focuses on technology and UT newcomers.

The website includes what you need to know to get connected to the UT network, to get registered, to learn about the technology workshops offered (face to face and online), and to answer many technology-related questions. If you are new to campus, or know someone who is, please visit the Are You New? website!

“Give Us the Tools, and We’ll Finish the Job” - Winston Churchill

If you are considering what it might take to convert your traditional classroom course into a viable online course, OIT can help you think it through. The Online Instructor Toolkit provides an overview of the conversion process and steps required to take a course online. You will also find quick overviews on the most popular tools for dealing with content creation, learner engagement and assessment. Search this treasure trove of instructional tools.


xMissing Data?

Almost everyone who does research has missing data and the reasons are varied. However, all missing data can be categorized as missing by design (e.g., a set of questions that some people choose not to answer) or at random (e.g., an equipment malfunction or incorrect data entry).

The most common method of dealing with missing data is to simply omit observations with them when running statistical analyses. This method is called “listwise deletion”. Alternatively, when missing data are numeric, they can sometimes be replaced, although non-random missing data are more difficult to estimate.

The IBM SPSS Missing Values module, available in SPSS versions 19 and 21 on Apps@UT, has two procedures that are useful when missing data affect a large percentage of your observations and listwise deletion would result in the loss of too many observations. The Multiple Imputation procedure can be used to analyze patterns of missing values. It also provides a variety of methods for replacing missing data with substituted values. The Missing Value procedure provides a different set of descriptive methods for analyzing and replacing missing values. The two procedures differ in the number of imputed or replaced data sets that each creates.

For more information about SPSS Missing Values procedures, you can view the User’s Guide or schedule an appointment with a Research Support statistical consultant by calling the OIT Help Desk at 974-9900.

2014 Summer Teaching Institute (STI)

OIT is excited about its 4th annual Summer Teaching Institute, June 3-20!

The goal of the Institute is to improve the quality of UTK courses by redesigning them using a course delivery methodology such as fully online, flipped, and hybrid/blended. The STI will be facilitated by staff from OIT and the Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center (Tenn TLC).

STI participants will receive an intense faculty development experience that includes:

  • exchange of ideas with colleagues
  • sessions on course design
  • teaching and assessment strategies
  • technology-specific workshops
  • assignments aimed at designing and developing a transformed course

Learn more about the Summer Teaching Institute participants.



SPSS 22 New Features

Version 22 of SPSS is now available from OIT’s Software Distribution site, and many new features have been added to this latest release.

View interactive output on smart devices
Easily access your SPSS charts and tables wherever you go. You can now view output on the following platforms and devices without a dedicated SmartReader or other application:

  • Windows, Mac and Linux desktop environments
  • iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Android phones and tablets (versions 2.1 and above)
  • Windows 8 devices

You can also export your SPSS Statistics output as .mht (Cognos Active Report) files, which can be opened using the IBM Cognos Mobile app (available on iPad only).

Generate presentation-ready output quickly and easily
Modifying and customizing tables has gotten easier with the addition of conditional styling to highlight selected cell(s) based on value or significance and the ability to index, hide, show or delete table objects.

Improve model building using Monte Carlo simulation
Monte Carlo simulation is enhanced to help you build more accurate predictive models when inputs are uncertain with the addition of heat maps, support for Automatic Linear Modeling (ALM) and the ability to use non-numeric variables in simulations.

Log in to OIT's Software Distribution site to download SPSS 22.

OIT Workshops

Summer is a great time to attend OIT workshops; and this summer features training on the use of the SMARTBoard and SMART Sympodium System. Don’t miss a great opportunity to learn to use an interactive screen to display an image from your computer and project to an auditorium screen for large audience viewing. With the electromagnetic stylus, you can create annotations and draw over computer applications while you remain facing your audience.

Other OIT workshop topics that are sure to add to your teaching skills are:

  • Learn new features of Online@UT (Blackboard Learn)
  • Create a lecture using TechSmith Camtasia
  • Add interactivity to your course with Adobe Captivate
  • Teach at a distance with LiveOnline@UT (Blackboard Collaborate)
  • Create dynamic presentations with Prezi
  • Share content with Microsoft SharePoint

Browse all summer workshop offerings, and register for workshops.








"It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders."

– Marion Ginoapolis



May 2014 Uptime:

Blackboard Learn 100%
Blackboard Collaborate

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